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At our Well Women Service, patients receive complete physicals and instruction on their contraceptive method of choice, proper diet and nutritional information. We offer the THINPREP Pap smear test that studies have shown increases the detection of pre-cancerous cells. Any woman is eligible for the services at our Well Women Service and a gynecological exam can be scheduled along with the post abortion follow-up. The phone counselor can provide more detailed information and fees for these services.


Once a patient has chosen her preferred method of birth control, a yearly Pap smear is required. A Pap smear is a test that is used to detect the presence of abnormal growth in the cervix. The nurse will use a tiny brush to gently collect cells from the cervix. Some staining or spotting is normal after a sample is taken.


The Akron Women’s Medical Group offers various types of birth control. Any patient may have a full gynecological exam and receive the type of birth control that works best for her.

We offer include birth control pills, Depo Provera (the shot), condoms, and our newest form of birth control is the Nuva Ring.

Please discuss your birth control choice with our Nurse Practitioner. She will be happy to help you choose the birth control best method that fits your lifestyle.

Our nurse practitioner earned her Bachelor of Nursing degree and subsequently obtained her Masters Degree in Nursing. She is a certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and has always enjoyed working in women's healthShe is committed to providing quality and compassionate care to all women seeking healthcare services.


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